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Diverse Learning Environments


Our infants physical, developmental, & emotional needs are met and cared for by our most nurturing care takers. We ensure that they are well fed, rested, and loved while we provide them age appropriate activities to help with developmental milestones.



Toddlers are read to daily as they begin to learn their new words, letters, numbers, shapes, nursery rhymes, and more. Toddlers learn best through play and actively engaging with their environment. Our goal is to ensure toddlers reach their highest potentials as they enter into Preschool.


Our preschool children continue to learn fine & gross motor skills and learn how to interact with others by taking turns through play. As they begin to develop their unique characters and personalities, we guide them along the way to better prepare them for a successful entry into Pre-K.  


Our Pre-K students work very hard all year to be fully prepared to enter Kindergarten. We thrive to make sure our students are  over achieving goals required for kindergarten entry.  Our students learn math, literacy, social, comprehension, writing, art, music, & other various life long skills. 

By learning these skills at an early age, children are much more likely to have a very bright and successful future.

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